Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Still not playing, just fell out of love

Remember that relationship when you once thought she was the one and couldn't imagine yourself without her, but time passed and suddenly you just fell out of love and move on ?. That's exactly how I feel these days about poker, I'm still not playing, I think I have played like a grand total of 6 tournaments or so this month. I just don't have the motivation, the desire, the drive, these days, I just don't love poker. In the 2+2 forums (a poker forum) I prefer to post about politics or about soccer, no poker related posts at all. As today I could care less about poker, my days are watching World Cup soccer games, go to swim, talk with friends, talk with my wife, play with the kids, worry about the kids, surf the Internet, but no poker. Let's see if things change soon, since in about a week, I'll be playing in my first WSOP event. I'm already registered to play in 3 WSOP events the first week of the WSOP through Poker Stars, I really hope once in Vegas, feeling the vibe of the WSOP, love will come back. If there's something that can make me fall again in love with poker it's the WSOP. Let's hope it works its magic on me.


Eduardo Espínola said...

Buena suerte con los torneos en Las Vegas, te va a ir muy bien y te vas a ambientar para regresar mejor que nunca!!

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...


I'd say it's not a bad thing. When you're going through rough stretches like this, it can be pretty common to lose that excitement you once had for the game, since it's so frustrating at times.

Taking time off will make you much happier when you do return (especially if you return with a win)

In my example, I had an awesome start the first three weeks of May in my cash games. Then I dropped $2,800 in a little over a week right afterwards, pretty much destroying the profit I fought so hard for at the 10/20 and 15/30 tables.

I was pretty grumpy, and took a break from those cash games. I've been four-tabling the 22 and 33 sit n' go's and doing ridiciously well. And the other night I fired up a good looking 10/20 game for the first time in weeks (I'm talking 5-7 players to a flop, VPIP of 40+ on many of them)

Everything was going right for me. I'd flop the nut low and the wheel, so unbreakable, and never got quartered. I either 3/4thed them or scooped. Wound up turning my $500 buy-in into $978 in a short time, and it felt great.

A break will be good for you, and then you can return refreshed and play your damndest and make something happen.

Sometimes the slightest of victories is enough to bounce your spirit back up. Hope you do well in the WSOP, sorry I can't make it this time around.

Anonymous said...

Sirio 11 que eventos vas a jugar en la primer semana????

La mejor de la suerte para ti

Eduardo G.

David (sirio11) said...


Jugare los eventos #2,#3 y #6, el Martes 27, Miercoles 28 y Sabado 1; que son

$1500 No Limit Holdem
$1500 Pot Limit Holdem
$2000 No Limit Holdem

Es probable que ya estando alla me decida a jugar tambien el Jueves 29, Limit Holdem $1500

Por lo pronto eso la primera semana, estoy pensando cuales otros jugare.

Winston said...

That is a pretty good description of how it feels. I don't play anywhere near the level you do, but for the past 2 years I've always had a burning desire to just play. I've been on a disheartening run for a while now. After reading about your troubles in the last week or two, and then taking one of the most painful beats of my poker life (AA vs. JJ vs. JJ all-in preflop), my fire has been all but put out. So, I'm taking some time off, going to the beach next week, and hoping I come back rejuvinated. I only wish I was playing some WSOP events to help me on my road to recovery. Though I will be in Vegas July20th - 24th for my wedding, so maybe getting married and doing some rail birding will work as well.

No expectations for your WSOP trip may be just what you need. Best of luck to you and your heartbreak.

Anonymous said...

David la mejor de la suerte en tus eventos!!!!!!!!!!
Espero que juegues el evento de Limit, se que tu nivel es bueno y tal ves te de confianza a tu juego el evitar tantos "big swings" del no limit


Enrique Treviño said...

Mucha suerte. Aunque se necesita ctalento, ahorita lo que necesitas es mas suerte que talento.

Confio en que te ira muy bien, sino en WSOP en el futuro.

Y si no te va bien en el poker, pues puedes re-enamorarte de las matemáticas. Son muy buenas amantes.

Goat said...

I just started reading your blog after seeing the title in a 2+2 mag article- I've been trying to learn Spanish and reading your posts in Spanish has been very helpful so far- thanks for blogging.

I was a playing for a living for a year and a half up until 2 months ago- I think I could have written this entry about myself almost word-for-word. I weathered 2 prolonged downswings in that time but the third one broke my love for the game. Now that I've taken a break for the last 6 weeks I can see how it will be fun again once I get back into it again part time.

I hope things turn around for you soon.