Thursday, December 08, 2005

Frustrating bubble Bellagio 3k

Ok here are the facts

20 people left playing in tables A, B and C.

18 places are paid.

18th paid $6,960

Blinds are 1k-2k with 300 ante

I have about a 32k stack

I'm playing at table B

A guy in my table just lost a big hand and announces he's all in in the dark with less than 1k.

I'm dealt 77 UTG, since I want to be sure the AI guy is gone and want to win the blinds, I raise to 8k.

UTG+1 calls and JC Tran in the button calls.

Pot is about 31k

flop comes JJ6

I check, UTG+1 checks and JC Tran bets about 8k

then I started to think and think

I know JC knows the bubble situation and he knows the AI guy has a random hand

I spent like 5 minutes and decided to call

Somebody went AI in table C and lost

19 players left

Hand by hand is announced

Turn card a Q and I check in the dark

Nobody noticed my check and after like 5 more minutes somebody calls the clock on me.

I told JC I already checked.

He then proceeds to bet like 20k

I have like 15k left and the pot is like 65k

18th money and 10th place money are almost the same

The floor is at my table

So, I asked that if I call and lost, Am I the guy with the bubble money?

I'm just thinking about the AI guy (with 1k and random hand and me)

.Somebody in the table (maybe possible even in the rail say yes)

The floor didn't say a word

So, I'm assuming it's true and make the call

JC Tran has TT and bust me out

After some minutes, I'm told that we're splitting 18th money 3 ways !!!!

The guy in table C, the 1k guy and me !!!

I go nuts and I am pretty mad because the floor didn't say a word when I asked.

So, instead of paying me $6960, they are giving me $2330

I'm just so frustrated now


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eso me costo como 40 dolares, jajaja

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