Thursday, January 17, 2013

Después de un día frustrante

Despues de un dia frustrante (trabajo casi perfecto, resultados meh y muchos bad beats), hay que seguirle. Creo que de aqui al final, los dias fuertes seran Miercoles, Jueves y Sabados.

513 Troy +8.5

515 Duquesne +11

527 UL-Monroe +11

537 South Florida +6

541 Georgia Tech +17

544 VCU -9.5

548 Denver -15

550 CS Northridge -4.5

551 Gonzaga -16
~9:58PM (Day before)

559 Oregon -3

567 Rider -2

571 The Citadel +25.5
~9:58PM (Day before)

573 Furman +13.5
~10:25PM (Day before)

583 Marist +12.5
~9:59PM (Day before)

585 Eastern Illinois +17

587 Morehead St. +3
~9:20PM (Day before)

589 Eastern Kentucky +14.5

601 Northern Arizona +18

516 Duquesne - Massachusetts O154

518 Michigan - Minnesota U140

536 Northwestern - Illinois O131.5

538 South Florida - Rutgers O122

546 Oregon St. - UCLA U153

535 Northwestern +10.5

570 Oakland -13

509 Florida - Texas A&M O122

511 Valparaiso - Detroit U144.5


FRGCardinal said...

I've been enjoying tailing some of your picks, as I just started in on the wonderful world of sports betting and need some direction! Anyway, I wanted to comment that I am a Northwestern fan and have seen you go 0-2 choosing the "over" on point totals with their games. I think you may want to take a look at the metrics you are using as Northwestern has had many injuries and has made no secret that they need to SLOW things down to have a chance of staying with teams. Moreover, they've had several bad efforts this year where they slow things down AND don't execute on offense (though tonight's game vs. Illinois was an exception, at least during the first half).
Buena suerte! Como se dice "run good"? Corre bien?

Chicago, IL

David (sirio11) said...

Hey man, thanks for stopping by.
You may be right about Northwestern, unfortunatelyd since the methods I use involve betting so many teams, it's hard to keep it with specifics about particular teams. But thanks for pointing that out, I'll keep it in mind.
Run good is hard to translate, maybe "que te vaya bien".