Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best time of the year .... for movies

I'm a huge movie fan, I have always liked movies as far as I can remember. And for people like me December is the best month for movies, usually the best films of the year are released on these dates. Since I'm no movie critic, and live in a very underrated city like El Paso, where nobody cares to show advanced screenings, I have to wait just like everybody else to watch any movie, I'm really waiting anxiously to watch "The curious case of Benjamin Button" and "Slumdog Millionare", I think both will be nominated for oscar best picture, and even now, I still think The Dark Knight which impressed me a lot last summer, will be nominated too. I'll post my nominated predictions for the Oscars, I'm planning to deposit some money online to make some movie awards bets, since I have an excellent record in this area and of course I can use the money, lets see if I can break my betting quarentine, last time I bet (not poker of course), was last Oscar season, so most probably I'll do it again. But even if I don't, for sure I'll post my predictions to make the few people who still read this blog some money if they so want to.

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