Monday, November 10, 2008

Some tourneys and some cash

This Sunday I played 3 tourneys, the $215 and $530 at Stars and the FTOSP $322, all NL, I made the money in the $215, and if I don't lose a 3 way all in with QQ vs AK and AQ, I'd made the $ also on the FTOSP. But the thing is, I'm not enjoying much to play tourneys, probably that's a good thing, since definitely I need to play more cash.
I recovered today some of what I lost yesterday, I was really ashamed of my play yesterday and I think I played pretty solid today, but there's still a long way to know if I can beat this level.

This week I'll be coaching my math Olympiad students for the national contest which is almost here, hopefully I find time to play some cash NL.

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Str0ngr said...

Oye David, mi nombre es Raúl y soy de Sonora, tengo una pregunta no se si me puedas aclarar una duda.
Me podrías decir si puedo realizar depósitos y retiros a Full Tilt Poker, desde México a traves de una tarjeta de debito, si es así con cual tarjeta de que banco lo podría hacer.
O podrías explicarme como los Mexicanos deberiamos manejarnos con eso de los depositos y retiros en lugares como FTP y pokerstars.
Se agradece mucho tu ayuda de antemano.