Thursday, June 12, 2008

WSOP: To go or not to go

The WSOP is running at full speed as I write this, I have been there every one of the last 4 years, but probably I'll miss this one. We already have booked some nights in Vegas (at the Rio) for the end of June and the beginning of July, but most probably I won't play any event. It's a mix of money management discipline and self-impose punishment because I haven't played the hours I should have played this year. It's a punishment because I love the WSOP, oh man do I love it, I seem to play my best there, since online I'm always distracted, and over there I'm all over the table absorbed by the action and enjoying every moment, most of my online poker players peers feel bored by the slow action, and of course it's slower compared to online, but for me it's not boring at all, and the mix of characters playing is really interesting, I have some very good memories from my playing there. I have 8 cashes there and one final table out of about 28 tourneys, but my number of cashes won't increase this year, besides I'm pretty busy with the Mathematical Olympiad, I think we have a real shot to be the #1 state ranked in the National (México) Mathematical Olympiad this year and if we do it I'll be very proud. It would be nice to go to the WSOP and win some bracelet and then go to the Olympiad and win first place, have a happy life with the family and in the meantime solve the oil crisis, but I have to accept no WSOP plans will be better this year, that's the plan as today, but I know the day I will be in Vegas at the Rio in the middle of the WSOP environment with all those strange characters who call themselves poker players from all over the world, it would be pretty hard not to play, the WSOP, such a beautiful temptation ..... and Vegas is sin city after all ......

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