Friday, November 02, 2007

Lots of teasers, no tourneys at all and some cash games

This week I think I'm going to bet too many teasers on the NFL games, probably more than 40 bets, I know there are too many, but I think they have an edge and well, sports betting is all about finding a little edge here and there.

I haven't played a tourney probably since the Main Event of the WCOOP, really I don't even remember the last one I played, but I'm playing some cash games, I wouldn't say in a regular basis, but I put some hours some days of the week, I play 2-4,3-6 and 5-10 No Limit 6-handed, I'm doing well, probably variance is on my side, but I feel pretty comfortable with my 6-handed game. I just need to put more hours, so I can be rich, but I'm pretty lazy, well I guess it's more about lack of focus than laziness, I can't just concentrate for long periods.

I'm also solving a lot of Math Olympiad problems these days, I love them and I have always liked a good Math challenge.

Probably I'll post the teams I'm teasing this week, hopefully I won't lose my sports betting bankroll this week.

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Foucault said...

Hey man! Good to see you are doing well in the cash games. That's what I've mostly been playing myself of late. You should post more hands in your blog. Let's talk 6-max NL some time.