Friday, December 01, 2006

November results

I played just 8 tournaments in November and played a grand total of 0 hours in cash games. All the tournaments I played were Stars tournaments, this is the list:

11/21/06 PS NLH $200+15 3088 out of 6733
11/26/06 PS NLH $200+15 194 out of 1050
11/28/06 PS NLH Rebuys $100+9 (Spent $309) 165 out of 197
11/28/06 PS NLH $100+9 49 out of 377
11/28/06 PS NLH $150+12 372 out of 956
11/30/06 PS NLH $300+20 558 out of 758
11/30/06 PS NLH $100+9 60 out of 270
11/30/06 PS NLH Rebuys $100+9 (Spent $309) 5 out of 167, FT, won $3,984.50

ITM: 1/8 FT: 1/8 Total Spent: $1748 (Rake: $98) Total won: $3,984.50 Profit: $2,236.50

I luckboxed my way to the FT in the last tournament I played in the month, besides that the rest of them were the usual amount of frustration. One good thing is I finished in the black and I'm ready to work in December, my goal is to play at least 100 tourneys. Let's see if I do it.


Anonymous said...

Watched your table for 1 hour leading to your FT appearance. Once you got chips and raised - you were often reraised - you almost never layed down - I was surprised by some of your holdings. I forget the details of one of the hands but you raised with K-Q offsuit and were reraised close to 1/2 your stack and you called. Opponent had A-K and typed in "OMG" and "You can't be serious" as you hit a Queen. Don't remember if you were getting the magical 2 to 1 pot odds. You could of put him on a small pair. You had gambling shoes on. What does it take to fold late in tourney?

AJ "The Triple Threat" Martino said...

Congrats man, I've been addicted to 2-7 TDL lately. Tournaments just give me a headache nowadays.

David (sirio11) said...

The think was I have notes on him as a very lousy reraiser, that's why I called with the KQ